My views on Mental Health

The definition of Health is: The state of complete physical ,mental and social well being.But, most of us have limited it to the first word.We have a burst of fitness care today.People are much much concerned about their fitness;which is a good thing.But ,well being of mind is still not that talked about.The stigma is fading..but the awareness has still not spread to a great extent.We don’t talk about the problems we are facing with our brains!The constant struggles with one’s self are really stressfull but they are hushed!
Firstly,talking about WHO statement, India is the most depressed country in the world. Every one in 20 Indians suffer from depression.Globally over 300 million people suffer from depression.15% of adult Indians need medical intervention for one or other mental issues and the numbers continue to rise.

But ,most of the cases go unreported.The reason being that talking about mental issues still remains a taboo in most parts of the country.In metros, the awareness is rising ,but at town level we still have that stigma.People even fear to talk about their struggles with their family due to the judgemental statements.At village level,having a mental issue is often related with being possessed or the punishment of sins. Even if someone tries to be open about their mental health,they are supressed saying that “It’s a phase “or “Are you crazy that you need a therapist?” “You say so because you can’t admit you have weak will power.”and what not!
Some schools of big cities have appointed counsellors .No such concept is found in towns and villages.And the number of Psychiatrist and Psychologists still remains much low as compared to developed countries.So much we have the hesitancy that a person himself/herself is not ready to accept that they have issues in their mind.

Brain is the most crucial organ of body as it controls the entire body.If we have something wrong with our other body systems,we go to doctor as soon as possible.When it comes to our brain,its often ignored that it also needs medical help.

Students go through many hard times facing some or other,milder or severe form of mental health issues.But, still there is often nobody,they can share their problems with or they are in such a state that they cannot or don’t want to share their emotions.

We have tons of trends globally on what not! But only few have came up to   talk publicly about their stories of fighting with mental health issues. We have helplines , mostly which are not known to local public or not contacted .
So being a medical student, I was much distressed after seing the condition of our society and it’s loopholes in dealing to such a huge problem.We are the ones who can initiate a change.Be open with your problems to anyone near you..if they can be of some help! Never hesitate to visit a doctor if you think ‘it’s not my body,but my mind’. Everyone faces some or the other form of this problem sometime.Its okay to have it..just we have to be aware and be ready to knock it off!
Stay healthy.
#Speak it out.

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